How to choose the hydraulic system cooler

Hydraulic cylinder can only complete hydraulic drive is running in one direction, if reverse movement wants to rely on the assistance of external forces, during operation, the fuel tank temperature, the tank in order to remain within a predetermined range, it is necessary in the hydraulic system set cooler.

For the cooler, the cooling medium available water-cooled, it is possible to use air-cooled, its layout has a variety of methods, the cooler features also have certain requirements, their needs are:

1. have to meet the requirements of the cooling area, to adhere to the provisions within the scope of the oil;
2. Pressure loss of oil through the smaller;
3. When the system load changes, simply adhere to a stable temperature control fluid;
4. satisfy strength.

Hydraulic system cooler device usually installed in the return line or the low-pressure line, if necessary, can be installed in the hydraulic pump oil outlet, constituting a separate cooling circuit.