OMFB Hydraulic Products

OMFB has a prestigous history dating back to 1950 when the Brothers Umberto, Nicola and Alessandro Biancho began their business in a small garage in Italy.

With manufacturing facilities in Italy, OMFB manufactures and supplies a complete range of hydraulics components including: Power take off units (PTOs), gear pumps. piston pumps, tipping valves, mini power packs, mechanic/pneumatic controls and hand pumps.

The OMFB range also includes: hydraulic motors, bi-directional hydraulic gear motors, hydraulic valves, auxillary shafts, hydraulic kits for trucks and tractors, cardanic joints, oil tanks, PTO transmission adapters, electric and electronic accessories for controlling and operating hydraulic devices, including radio controls, harness assemblies and tip control kits, flow control valves, fittings, pressure gauges, breather caps, flow diverters, rotor collector, heat exchangers and hydraulic cylinders.

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