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A&S Hydraulic Parts Co.,Ltd is your one stop service center for all of your fluid power product requirements. Our mission is to provide a superior product, meeting our customers' needs and expected quality, at a superior value. We supply hydraulic pumps, valve, motor, cylinder, hose and other components to businesses in the United States, Canada and more then 50 other countries. With more than 100,000 hydraulic component part lines represented by over 300 different manufacturers, We buy direct from OEM manufacturers and sell directly to you, keeping our prices low and saving you money on critical parts and components you need to keep your equipment and your business running smoothly.

Hydraulic Pumps

We supply a variety of hydraulic pumps, suited for closed or open loop hydraulic circuits at high or low system pressures.

Hydraulic Valve

Valves control the route of the fluid through your system, giving you the ability to create power in exactly the right place with the flip of a switch. It's one of the most sensitive parts of the system, and requires precision.

Hydraulic Motor, Hydraulic Cylinder

Whether you're using a hydraulic cylinder or hydraulic motor, it needs to be running well in order to transfer power generated in the machine. Choose from a full line of gear, piston and vane motors for applications ranging.

Hydraulic Power Unit

The Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU) provides a stable and clean supply system of hydraulic fluid. We will assist you in the development, design of Hydraulic Power Units, Filter Carts among many other applications.

Other Components

Hose, accumulator, cooler, fittings, filter and other are also critical to proper operation of hydraulic systems, although they might be small. So you need high quality to get the most out of your machinery.

Custom Solution

A&S Hydraulic employ a small team of professional specialists design and build the best-value solutions that uniquely fit our customers' needs. If you're looking for a complete hydraulic solution, A&S is your partner.

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